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About Madelin Gomez Lifestyle Blog

My name is Madelin, but you can call me Maddie! I’m a Connecticut lifestyle blogger, cocktail aficionado, marketing guru + lover of french fries.

I consider myself an ambivert (introvert with extroverted tendencies). This blog has helped me get out of my shell and connect with others. Growing up, I’ve always been into art. Whether it be drawing or painting, I was called “the little Picasso of the family”.

With my creative eye, I’ve taken on many projects related to digital marketing, design, and content creation. I’m pretty passionate about a lot of things: traveling, art, food (of course), and fashion. In my free time, I like to read, hike, or hang out with my family and friends (preferably with a cocktail in hand).

I created this blog in 2019 as a digital journal to share everyday bits and pieces of my life. This place has become my creative outlet where I am able to be vulnerable, share my stories and give a little insight along the way. What started as a digital journal has turned into a space for me to meet new people, businesses, and share my recent work.

With this blog, I aim to inspire others through my personal stories and create new relationships and memories. I’m super excited to see where this blog will take me, and us! Xo