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Taste Design, Inc.
Taste is a design collective founded and led by Patti Watson. We’re known for keeping la […]
Design Ergonomics
It’s incredibly fulfilling for us to help our clients build dental practices that they ar […]
Hill & Harbor Design+Build
Homes on “the Hill” regardless of East Greenwich, Newport, College or Watch, have a histo […]
Kelly Bernier Designs
With over 25 years of design and color experience, Kelly Bernier has been helping homeown […]
Brick and Beam Studio
Hi there! I’m Kim Valente, the founder and principal designer at Brick + Beam Studio. On […]
Maloney Interiors
With our extensive knowledge, experience, and attention to detail, we alleviate the burde […]
Kyla Coburn Designs
Kyla is an award-winning designer known for her pioneering concepts and rich, emotive spa […]
Blakely Interior Design
We think there’s something you should know about us. We’re different. As in “broke the mo […]
Laurie Coffey Custom Interior Design
From a young age, it was clear that Laurie had a passion for being creative. She taught h […]
Lavender & Lotus Interior Design
Aimee Brothers studied Interior Design at the New Hampshire Institute of Art, and started […]
Impeccable Nest
Impeccable Nest is an interior design firm created by a mother-daughter duo. We create i […]
Vineyard Loveknots
My name is Lindsay and I'm the author of Vineyard Loveknots, a New England and Fairfield […]
The WELLthy Mom
Salut (hello in French) and welcome to my story that starts in the beautiful country of C […]
Lynzy & Co.
Hello + welcome to this tiny space on the internet! I created this blog (+ changed the n […]
Red White & Denim
I was born and raised in New England and can’t imagine living anywhere else the world! My […]
Happily Eva After
My name is Eva Amurri, and I’m a Mom, Actress, Entrepreneur, and Blogger! I launched Happ […]
The A Lyst
Hi, I’m Alyssa and welcome to The A-Lyst, a Boston-based lifestyle blog curating the very […]
Chelsea Marrs
Born and raised in San Francisco, California and a UCLA alum, I majored in Linguistics &a […]
Caitlin Bagby
Cait completed her BA in International Relations from the American University of Rome in […]
Actually Tho
Hi! I'm Brooke... I'm a New England girl, living in Vermont and loving every minute of […]