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About Time On Our Hands

Jill and Larisa are sisters-in-law, friends, co-adventurers, and passionate makers of… everything! They love to explore arts, crafts, carpentry, home decorating, gardening, you name it! Although they both love creating, they have different interests and styles – which hopefully will keep things interesting here.

More about Larisa

I’m a writer, an introvert, a craft enthusiast, and a lifelong learner. I live in a cozy cottage in Midcoast Maine with my husband Jon, our elderly cat Gerry, and our three house bunnies, Albus, Jazzy, and James.

Vibe: Cozy and creative

Maker philosophy: There are times you want things to be perfect, and there are times you want to be creative and explore. Know the difference, and don’t neglect the creative time. In that time, embrace the imperfections because that’s where the learning (and often the magic) happens.

Topics I like to write about: The good life, food and drinks, fiber arts, crafts, products I love, the creative process, cozy decorating, natural beauty, aromatherapy.

Favorite place: My couch. But also Hawaii.

My maker style: Spontaneous and improvisational

More about Jill

Hi, I’m Jill. I have a career in health care, but my heart belongs to diying, making things for my home, and homemaking. I live across the street from Larisa (the other half of Timeonourhands) with the man of my dreams, Kevin, and our fury baby girl, Kitty Kitty.

Vibe: hyperactive and bubbly

Maker philosophy: I’m a curious creature. I like to ask questions and learn about what and how things are made. Food, furniture and feverything else … I want to learn how to make it all from scratch.

Topics I write about: decorating, cleaning, organizing, indoor gardening, entertaining, diying.

Favorite place: anywhere near the ocean.

My maker style: research it, plan it, make it.

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