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About Food Family and Chaos

In 2017, Food, Family, and Chaos was born! We started this page as a way to remember things we have done, places we have been, and just life in general. Let’s be real here, family life can be crazy and chaotic at times! Truthfully, it is not always family dinner together with perfect Pinterest cupcakes for dessert. And I’m going to say it first, that’s OK! We love to travel together as a family. We love to try new restaurants and recipes. We love to just live life. Is it always rosy and cheery? Definitely not! Some days we are all like passing ships in the night. We have had our share of meltdowns and tantrums and patience lost. But this is real life people! Nobody is June Cleaver.

Food, Family, and Chaos is all about family life, family travel, and our love of food. We give you the good, the bad, and the ugly! I hope you enjoy reading this as much as we enjoy writing it. Happy Reading!!

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